• Cross-border tax advice

Cross-border tax advice

International business transactions are commonplace these days, and the efforts being made around the world to reduce trade barriers are making business noticeably simpler. However, tax law is failing to keep pace with the speed of deregulation, and, as tax legislation still varies from one country to another, tax issues arise once goods or services are imported or exported, and they need to be examined in minute detail. A lot of tax-relevant processes with other countries are regulated in complex bilateral treaties (double taxation agreements). As soon as a company expands abroad and creates cross-border structures, it has more tax issues to deal with – questions such as what is the best way to repatriate profits, what are the right transfer prices or what social security deductions have to be made all need to be answered and agreed with the local tax authorities. This is where our internationally experienced tax advisors can play a major role in ensuring you don't have to learn from painful experience. Thanks to the global BDO network, our tax advisors have qualified contacts whom they can consult across the world.

Our services:

  • Planning cross-border corporate structures and helping companies establish cross-border structures
  • Tax-optimised financing structures
  • Structuring cross-border supplies and services (VAT and customs duty)