• Expats


Employees and their know-how are often among a company's most valuable resources. More and more frequently, they are posted for limited periods of time to another country, where they are to further develop themselves and the company they work for, contributing expertise the company needs or acquiring such expertise themselves.

Posted workers or "expats" are subject to special rules where tax and social insurance are concerned. There are also other issues to be dealt with, such as legal matters and the employees' proper registration in the host country. BDO's tax and legal specialists deal with these issues regularly and will help you make them less complex and costly. BDO has a broad international network and is experienced in handling foreign postings, individual tax returns, helping posted employees settle in at the new location and in providing ongoing support.

Our services for expatriates:

  • Assistance with the drafting/revision of posting guidelines
  • Development of the best possible expat strategy
  • Checklists for companies in posting/host countries
  • General tax and legal advice
  • Tax advice for individuals
  • Handling administrative issues