Diversity & Inclusion Management (D&I)

Diversity and inclusion

Employees with different characteristics, diverse backgrounds and heterogeneous cultures enrich our company and the BDO teams. Diversity ensures greater creativity, innovative strength, a broad spectrum of perspectives and approaches and well-considered solutions to problems. 

Our clients are also diverse, and we want to respond to their specific needs with tailored products.

For us, inclusion means that all our people, with their different personal characteristics, are valued and can contribute to the work we do at BDO. We work together and not alongside each other. This is part of our culture with a focus on the "we".

Diversity means variety. And diversity itself is also varied. Although it would be impossible to show all aspects, the graphic sets out some of the main ones making up diversity:
"Tag Cloud: Diversity, Religion, Neurodiversity, Disabilities, Education, Workload, Background, Gender Identity, Culural Background, Sex, Language, Physical characteristics, Life situation, Liefstyle, Social position, Age Generation, Interests, Sexual orientation, Experience"


Our diversity management is designed to pursue the following objectives in particular:

  • Non-discriminatory working environment 
  • Gender balance
  • Compatibility of career and family
  • Generational mix
  • Attractiveness of BDO as an employer that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion

CEO statement on diversity and inclusion

“I understand diversity to mean respectful, inclusive interaction within a heterogeneous communi-ty. Diverse, innovative and responsive ideas and solutions emerge when all employees can con-tribute and develop their talents. Complex issues are best solved with a team made up of different individuals with different knowledge and skill sets. We strive to provide a working environment that values all our people equally and enables them to develop according to their personality – regardless of their gender, origin, age, sexual orientation, any physical disabilities they may have, and much more. Tolerance, unbiased behaviour and mutual respect are very important to me. Diversity enriches our society and enables us all to realise our full potential. This is an important prerequisite for BDO’s sustainable success. Our large client base is also highly diverse, and we seek to do justice to our clients’ unique characteristics and diverse needs."

Protection from discrimination

BDO has effective policies in place to protect the personal integrity of its employees. Unacceptable differentiation is prohibited, in particular discrimination based on gender, origin, ethnicity, lan-guage, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, age, social status, lifestyle, reli-gious beliefs or physical, mental or psychological impairment.

Membership and certification; working groups

BDO has signed the Advance Charter for Gender Equality in Business and has held the Swiss LGBTI label since 2021.



At BDO, three of our working groups have a particular focus on diversity: we@bdo, women@bdo und queer@bdo.