Our values

Our corporate values

Our corporate values help us to create the BDO culture and shape our behaviour. 

For each value, we have listed four calls to action as examples. These are intended to demonstrate our behaviour and bring our values to life. Our corporate values (our “WHY”) explain who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

Since 1932 we have built trust through quality and strong commitment. This is only possible if we all align our conduct with our corporate values. They are therefore the benchmark for all our business activities. Our corporate values (our “why”) show who we are, what we do and what we stand for.


  • Keep to your agreements
  • Ensure quality
  • Stay professional
  • Be honest

We impress through reliability

Quality and client value shape our mindset and actions. We honour our agreements and behave professionally at all times. Lasting, excellent client relationships clients, employees and business partners are of central importance to us and are characterised by professionalism and honesty. This ensures that our people are able to support our clients over a long period of time and that we are a reliable partner. 

We also recognise that an impeccable reputation is vital for BDO’s development. We consider these aspects in everything we do.


  • Be respectful
  • Act in an appreciative manner
  • Emphasise the “us”
  • Embracing diversity and fostering inclusion

We connect through human-centricity

We value each other, learn from each other and enjoy working towards our goals together. 

We are open and fair in our dealings with each other and with third parties - even in difficult situations. Our actions are based on respect and appreciation. We experience belonging to BDO, equal opportunities, individual diversity of perspectives, diversity and authenticity regardless of personal characteristics, origin or culture, which strengthens our ‘we’ culture. 


  • Welcome innovation
  • Think in a future-oriented way
  • Act in a solution-oriented way
  • Embrace change

We stand out for our flexibility

In the context of globalisation, BDO faces increasing complexity. In order to deal with this as well as other external and internal effects, we as an organisation must remain flexible and able to learn. Through a future-orientated thought and learning process, our people question themselves and their working habits – and grow as a result.

 By supporting our people’s development, we help them act in a solutionorientated way and embrace change.


  • Take sustainable action
  • Make informed decisions
  • Act thoughtfully
  • Be – and remain - consistent

We take responsibility

Our corporate culture focuses on people and sustainability. We also understand sustainability to mean the careful and conscious use of natural resources. Trust and credibility are very important to us. Making a profit is not our only objective: responsibility for our people and the communities in which we live and work plays an equally important role. 

We make informed decisions and act prudently. In doing so, we adhere consistently to the applicable legal and professional standards as well as our internal policies.


  • Inspire clients
  • Grow your expertise
  • Live diligently
  • Build a culture where mistakes are allowed

We inspire through expertise

We are successful at what we do because we enjoy doing it. We are driven to inspire our clients, satisfy their expectations and build relationships in the process. 

We demand and encourage our people to develop their skills and expertise within our company. We embrace a healthy ‘error culture’ and see mistakes as a learning opportunity. By developing our people, we ensure that they recognise the needs, concerns and expectations of our clients, diligently meet them and exceed them time and time again.