VAT advisory services

VAT advisory services

The rules and regulations governing value added tax (VAT) are highly complex, posing a challenge to companies as they seek to stay on top of their tax obligations and ensure compliance. Errors or misunderstandings can trigger significant back taxes, potentially even pushing an organisation into insolvency.

BDO’s seasoned VAT specialists help you to identify - and mitigate - risks.  With excellent links to the tax authorities, we are the ideal partners to support you in negotiations and other dealings with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA). And if your business crosses borders, you’ll benefit from the VAT expertise and experience of BDO’s global network.


Services at a glance:

  • Clarifying complex VAT issues and issuing expert opinions
  • VAT audits, reviews and health checks, VAT analyses, develop manuals
  • VAT planning and defining potential for optimisation
  • Advice on cross-border VAT topics (EU and worldwide)
  • Negotiations with tax authorities and support during VAT inspections by the SFTA; obtaining legally binding rulings
  • VAT registrations, returns and deregistrations
  • Assumption of fiscal representation, general advice on Swiss VAT obligations for foreign entities
  • Foreign VAT reclaims (remuneration/refund procedure)
  • VAT training

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