Process management

Standardized and consistent processes are essential both for the internal course of business and for the interaction with customers. By optimizing processes, you create greater efficiency and higher output in your company.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary team of specialists from business, science, technology, information technology and law, BDO has the right experts to support you in process optimisation in all possible areas of your company.

BDO's services at a glance:

Process analysis and optimisation (redesign)

A process analysis flags weaknesses in your operating processes and identifies possible optimisation approaches. Standardised and consistent processes over the entire supply chain are essential – for your daily business and your interactions with customers. Optimising processes boosts efficiency – and output – at your organisation. The process analysis includes an assessment of financial asset flows, which contribute significantly to process efficiency and share close overlap with management accounting (controlling; costs, profitability and performance).

Process architecture

Process architecture offers a structured overview of all your business processes and asset flows and shows you how they relate to each other. A process map is a useful tool at the top level of the process architecture, bundling and visualising the information clearly. This approach supports information and transparency as well as process optimisation and management.

Process visualisation

Many organisations practice their processes every day but never get around to documenting them. Transparency is key in business processes. Standardised process visualisation of your business processes is a good way to safeguard your people’s process know-how and ensure they can access it. It is also helpful in depicting relevant asset flows.

Performance analysis

Relevant processes and data

Process efficiency and effectiveness

  • Benchmarking
  • Innovation management
  • Systematic planning
  • Management and control
  • Improvement of innovation climate
  • Internal control systems (ICS)
  • Implementation
  • Assessment
  • Revision and adjustment
  • Implementation of an ICS tool

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Michael Käsermann

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Jacques Blanc

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Marcel Gertsch

Head of Advisory Northwestern Switzerland, Aarau - Partner
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