Organisation and process management

Your company's organisational structure sets the fundamental framework for doing business – the base on which sustainable success is built. So it’s important to regularly assess how stable that foundation is and whether it supports your organisation’s future prospects.

BDO's approach - from analysis to implementation:

OPM Process

BDO can assist you in managing and developing your organisation and processes in a sustainable way:

Organisational analysis

Organisations are shaped by changes from within as well as in the wider environment. So it is important to analyse your structural and procedural organisation regularly. Our analysis offers a comprehensive assessment of your organisation as it stands today and highlights specific points of action you could take to optimise your situation. The result is a solid foundation that will help inform your future development.


Assess and re-design corporates structures


Plan and support reorganization projects (from design to launch).

Organisational change/Change & Transformation management

Organisational structure is the foundation of every company's commercial activities. As a result, any changes or refinements to the organisational structure are naturally complex in nature. They need to be thought through carefully and executed professionally. We support you in examining where you stand (organisational analysis) and what you should do to implement the results (Change Management).

Business analysis

We help you evaluate the potential profitability and decision paths of planned projects, organisational refinement or strategic scenarios. Use the findings to compare and assess the various options from a financial perspective and make your decisions based on solid facts.

What are your benefits?

  • Analysis of your current situation and definition of your target situation
  • Development of a roadmap with concrete recommendations and suggestions for improvement
  • Professional support in implementing and measuring the success of new organisational structures and processes

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