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With market conditions constantly changing, organisations must keep pace with an increasingly complex set of requirements. Today’s business leaders need to consider much more than just financials. 

  • Acting as a business partner for different stakeholders requires strategic and operating know-how
  • Growing demands placed on the management and board result in new, additional duties
  • It’s important to consider all the legal and regulatory requirements and to establish professional control mechanisms
  • Big data keeps getting bigger, and as the complexity of systems grows, so too does the need for technical expertise
  • Amid all these considerations, companies also still need to carry out their daily business efficiently and motivate their employees to perform at their best

In what areas can BDO support you?

Organisation Management

We offer innovative, intelligent and practicable solutions to optimise your organisation and corporate structures. Our approach works across industries with the aim of securing a sustainable competitive edge for your company.

Process Management

From production to investment management, customer acquisition to project controlling, every department has its own specific processes.  We help you gain an overview of your process landscape, highlight inefficiencies and risks and empower you to operate even more effectively and securely.

Cost and profitability management

Understanding your own cost structure and operating effective cost management are valuable for both benchmarking and laying the foundation of successful business.  We support you in aligning your cost and profitability management to your organisation’s internal and external requirements.

Project advisory

All companies seek optimal and efficient project implementation. Avoid costs associated with inefficiency, error or failure to calculate certain risks. Our advisory services help make your project a success.

Human resources planning

A proactive and forward-thinking approach to human resources planning safeguards efficient processes in the medium and long term. Supported by our sound methodology, you get certainty on your human resources situation – both now and in the future. Human resources planning often complements a higher-level organisational analysis.

Salary system

Demand is growing for modern people development tools, systematic salary comparisons and remuneration systems tailored to an organisation’s corporate culture. Job satisfaction is highest when salaries are as fair as possible. We support you in your endeavours to achieve this and look forward to addressing your needs around salary comparisons, salary systems and the principles of employment law.

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Michael Käsermann

Michael Käsermann

Head of Advisory Swiss Plateau, Head of Sector Centre Public Sector, Berne & Solothurn - Partner
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Jacques Blanc

Head of Sector Center for Public Administrations, Lausanne - Partner
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Marcel Gertsch

Marcel Gertsch

Head of Advisory Northwestern Switzerland, Aarau - Partner
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