Data Analytics

Big data – and how to analyse it – is moving up the corporate agenda. As data volumes grow across the board in society and business, companies face the challenge of how to analyse it effectively and efficiently, and how to extract value from the insights gained.

BDO’s thorough and transparent analyses are aligned to your needs. They’re designed to reveal the main issues and support you with a better basis for decision making. You benefit from our experts’ knowledge and experience in IT, natural sciences, technology, audit and law.

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Forensic analysis

If you suspect white-collar crime at your company, BDO can help you establish the facts quickly and reliably. We screen your data critically to pick up suspicious activity.

Process analysis

We analyse your processes to uncover risks and advise you on opportunities and potential for improvement. By actively countering risk and seizing new opportunities, you will boost your company’s performance and release new potential for innovation.


Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies hold great promise for innovation and secure data management. To fully tap its potential, the complex data generated needs to be analysed efficiently and reliably.

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