Sustainable finance

The topic of sustainable finance is becoming increasingly important and presents a challenge to the financial world. How can financial sector players position themselves in the context of sustainability? We help you meet the growing expectations of your stakeholders. Count on us and our expertise to support you in developing or implementing sustainable finance-compliant services. We can also assist you with compliance and risk management, and help you make a decisive contribution to improving the transparency and reliability of data.

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Our services:

Assessment and governance

  • Strategic positioning with core options
  • Sustainable finance assessment (governance, internal control systems, risk and compliance)
  • Analysis of relevant markets, regulatory framework and identifi cation of need for action
  • Internal stakeholder training (Board of Directors, Executive Board, Compliance, Risk and Front)

Institutional level

  • Implementation of sustainable finance in processes, controls, directives and forms
  • Consideration of ESG risks in the current risk management system

  • Sustainability reporting for clients and the financial institution

  • Support in complying with regulatory requirements, voluntary standards or memberships (e.g. UN PRB, UN GC, GRI)

  • Introduction of new disclosure standards such as TCFD

  • Health check: compliance with supervisory and regulatory requirements

  • Health check: consistency of client agreements, documentation, systems and actual assets

Product level

  • Analysis or structuring of ESG investment products and portfolios
  • Compliance with regulatory standards for classifications, product documentation and disclosures

  • Health check: appropriate classification, support in avoiding greenwashing

Point of sale

  • Inclusion of ESG factors in the investment and advisory process (suitability)

  • Recording of client preferences and stringent implementation in processes

  • Due diligence based on ESG factors

  • Forms and reporting

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