Smart and sustainable cities

As expectations of sustainable business practices increase, companies and other organisations face growing challenges. Do you want to take a holistic approach to sustainability management and address the diverse sustainability-related demands emerging from society and the environment? With our Sustainability Services, we help you prepare for future requirements and support your organisation in adopting more sustainable and responsible business practices.

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Our services:

Advisory and reporting

  • Updates on national and international regulatory developments
  • Review of current and future regulatory compliance issues

  • Implementation of regulatory requirements (e.g. Swiss CRI regulations)

  • Sustainability strategy, mission statement, targets and KPIs

Sustainable finance

  • Support in positioning a sustainability policy
  • Risk management, internal control systems and corporate governance frameworks
  • Audit assurance for disclosures against standards such as UN PRB or UN PRI

  • Development and implementation of sustainable finance-compliant processes for investment advisory and portfolio management


  • Audit readiness assessment
  • Sustainability report audit
  • Audit of tools and software

  • Methodology audit

Smart and sustainable cities

  • Development of a vision and transformation projects
  • Implementation of more agile management structures
  • Support in decision-making and communication processes
  • Support in implementing regulatory and financial changes in the area of sustainability

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Dr. Jacques Blanc

Jacques Blanc

Head of Sector Center for Public Administrations, Lausanne - Partner
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