Customer IT

Are you in search for a trusted partner to support you with your IT challenges? We can assist you with your IT projects, providing system health checks as well as IT integration, maintenance and support services. Our services include the following 

IT project support

We can support you with expanding, updating or restructuring your IT platform(s), tailored to your specific needs.

IT service agreement
To safeguard the smooth operations of your IT (and the respective "daily business"), let us carry out periodic and regular maintenance and servicing of your IT landscape. We also provide advice and regular recommendations concerning upcoming (new or replacing) IT investments while we carry out the maintenance work.

IT jour fixe / SPOC
We can perform support and IT operating tasks on your premises, acting as your single point of contact (SPOC) for all IT matters. This includes recording, prioritizing and solving support incidents, while of course adhering to the contractually agreed response times. You have the complete transparency, because we offer all information within the shared ticketing tool.

External CIO
We offer comprehensive services in regard to the  strategic alignment of your IT and can also support you during the execution and implementation.

BDO's cloud platform ("bdocloud") serves as the basis for all clients wishing to outsource - some or all of - their IT infrastructure.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Rapid implementation and reduced response times thanks to outsourcing and cloud computing.
  • Scalable technical resources while reducing the complexity of interfaces.
  • Predictable costs and increased professionalism thanks to experienced external and central sourcing models.
  • Individual service models tailored to your sourcing strategy.
  • Data center solutions in Switzerland.

Our cloud solutions:

SaaS - Software as a Service

  • Applications can be hosted and operated on a shared (SaaS shared) or private (SaaS dedicated) server.
  • You can access optional add-ons services on our cloud platform.
  • Support and / or update agreements can be either made directly through BDO, or with the corresponding software provider / manufacturer..
  • If certain applications cannot be operated in a SaaS environment, PaaS is a viable and possible alternative.

PaaS - Platform as a Service

  • If you want to have full control over your applications (e.g. define when updates should be installed) or have existing technical barriers that make SaaS options unviable, the "bdocloud" also offers fully dedicated PaaS environments.
  • Dedicated PaaS environments are fully tailored to your individual needs. They also offer the greatest degree of flexibility for any (additional) applications you wish to operate.

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

  • As an alternative to traditional hardware procurement, basic IT infrastructure elements can be sourced directly out of the bdocloud (rent / pay per use).This includes, for example, basic IT infrastructure on both the server and client side.
  • IT infrastructure elements can be rented and then either operated on your premises (on premises), or as part of the BDO / bdocloud infrastructure (off premises).

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