Today, virtually all business information is saved electronically and integrated somewhere in the organization's processes. In special investigations, it is essential that the required information can be accessed efficiently. Benefit from our eForensics services: We ensure that your electronic data in compliance with relevant regulations and therefore stored securely. We can also support with the analysis and preparation of the information, so it can be used in legal cases and in court. With ISO 27001 certification, our data center meets national and international requirements on protecting your data.

BDO's eForensics services cover the following components:

BDO's eForensics services: components

Our services:

  • Collect, secure and analyze unstructured and structured data
  • Forensics in the area of mobile workforce and mobility
  • Blockchain forensics
  • eDiscovery using the EDRM model
  • Secure archiving and / or certified data deletion
  • Solution and method know-how (including Relativity and Nuix)

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Roland Perruchoud

Roland Perruchoud

Swiss Certified Public Accountant, Geneva
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