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At the heart of modern HR management is HR administration and all its related processes. Employee data needs to be up-to-date at all times to ensure smooth processing of all downstream workflows.

We help you to master any challenge

  • HR data changes constantly, triggered by people's life events and career development. Depending on the change in question, it may be necessary to run complex processes, including consideration of the legal situation.
  • And there are often a number of stakeholders involved in change processes – from employees and their line managers to entire departments. It can be a challenge to involve everyone appropriately. What’s more, processes need to work effectively even in case of absences.
  • A lack of clarity regarding interfaces or responsibilities can hinder processes, costing valuable time, resources and money. When HR core processes fail, the HR department is left to deal with many administrative tasks.

Why we think that human resources administration boosts employee satisfaction

  • Effective HR core processes contribute significantly to content HR departments and employees in general.
  • Rapid processing confirms to employees that they work for a competent company. It also leaves them free to focus on their own core duties.
  • A central knowledge base quickly clarifies employees’ frequently asked questions and helps accelerate your HR processes.

Increase your company's success with our help

  • Safeguarding data quality over the long term is a vital prerequisite for a successful HR function, including all operating and strategic HR processes.
  • Effective HR core processes accelerate the execution of HR tasks, which naturally improves HR productivity.
  • HR reporting and strategic HR controlling is so much easier when people data is complete and accurate.
  • HR administration can make the difference between a company’s success and failure. Companies with effective process management in place are more responsive, adaptable and economic.
  • HR occupies an important control function. Insightful reporting can help flag bottlenecks or problem zones, enabling an agile response.

Our tools and analyses, your benefits

Salary and benefits

  • We develop a salary system tailored to your individual requirements
  • You get specific function benchmarks
  • We review your employee benefits


Terms of employment

  • Review of employee regulations (expenses,working hours, etc.)
  • Review of guidelines (data protection, code of conduct, etc.)


Questions regarding employment law

  • Review of employment contracts
  • Comprehensive advisory service for international assignments

Organisation analysis

  • Independent analysis of your structural organisation
  • Independent analysis of your process organisation
  • Review of your HR administration and payroll systems

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