Annual report 2022

Despite an uncertain economic climate and a challenging business environment, BDO managed to continue the positive trajectory of recent years, increasing turnover by 4 percent to CHF 257 million in 2022. By publishing our sustainability report for the first time, we are also taking a major step on our journey towards a sustainable future.


The year 2022 was dominated by uncertainty on many levels. Once again, we received a powerful reminder that certainty - in any respect - cannot be taken for granted. Certainty is not a permanent condition, but a fragile variable - an ongoing process that needs to be addressed proactively. Acute events such as cyber attacks, the war in Ukraine and energy shortages have created new business continuity challenges, or at least exacerbated existing ones.


Meeting challenges

In terms of the regulatory landscape, 2022 was a volatile year for us and our clients. Reviewing and enforcing the ever-changing sanctions against Russia was a highly complex and time-consuming task. In addition, a number of legal changes were adopted in 2022, such as the revision of company law, the new inheritance law and the revised Data Protection Act. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we were able to give clients valuable advice and targeted support in overcoming the economic challenges.

"In spite of difficult circumstances, we have been able to operate successfully as a company and reinforce our market position."



Going forward, we must continue to prepare for volatility and unexpected events. In this challenging environment, BDO's task is to remain on course for success and to embrace the necessary changes. Because being innovative and creating something new means evolving and progressing. We firmly believe that our strategic focus and efficient organisational structure make us well equipped to meet new challenges and look to the future with optimism.


Sustainability report

As a company with around 1,600 employees, we consider ourselves to have a big responsibility towards the environment and society. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of promoting sustainable practices in all areas of our company. In publishing our first sustainability report, we are creating transparency with regard to our economic, social and environmental commitment, and providing insights into our sustainability-related efforts.