BDO customers

AbaWeb from BDO revolutionises accounting.

Financial accounting and payroll preliminary work and project service recording from ABACUS and the Data Store based on Microsoft Sharepoint are combined in AbaWeb from BDO to form an unbeatable package. The advantages of using AbaWeb from BDO for SMEs are obvious!

  • Client and BDO Ltd staff can work on shared documents.
  • Scanned vouchers and documents can be stored in the Internet-Accountant.
  • BDO Ltd makes current tools and checklists available to its clients' staff online.
  • 1GB of memory space is available for data storage.
  • Secure data exchange is guaranteed (no more email attachments).
  • Word and Excel files or pdf files created by Office applications are easy to find.
  • The client works on a modern, web-based application.
  • The use of the Suisse ID electronic signature coupled with access via https ensures data security.
  • There is no more need to purchase ABACUS applications.
  • Rational working between client and fiduciary is facilitated.
  • Duplicated entries of documents, and hence sources of error, are reduced.
  • No more data exchange takes place between different applications.
  • The client and BDO work with the same version of ABACUS.
  • There is no more 'need for updates' for the client.
  • Simple, uncomplicated working is facilitated.
  • The client's staff works directly on the BDO system.
  • BDO staff can deputise for the client.
  • The client no longer has to worry about keeping data secure.

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