• Audit

A 360-degree view of your audit

Trust us to deliver a modern audit experience. We’re committed to an efficient and risk-oriented approach and take a broad view of your audit engagement. Besides interpreting your year-end figures, we also consider your corporate environment and strategy as well as core processes and selected key areas. We apply state-of-the-art data and process analysis tools to examine your business activity, financial situation and internal control systems (ICS) and pinpoint the greatest risks for material misstatements. We also use our findings to define audit focus areas for your organisation and develop our audit strategy and detailed audit plan. Finally, our audit findings inform our opinion on your annual financial statements. It’s important that our insights add value for you, so we deliver accurate, informative reports.



BDO is an audit firm subject to state oversight and is assessed annually by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority. A member of EXPERTsuisse, BDO actively contributes to various committees of this professional association.