• Audit


An overview of audit at BDO

  • For us, the principle of the "client as partner" is the top priority: each client partner is personally assisted and supported by one person, a sparring partner who knows his or her clients and their requirements and provides advice on the basis of a relationship of trust. The carefully selected audit team ensures continuity.
  • Competence as an essential requirement: no matter how complex your company, we can supply specialists with the requisite qualifications.
  • With 33 branches nationwide and an international network, we are always in your neighbourhood and can support you with our expertise.

Comprehensive audit focus

Our understanding of modern auditing requirements compels us to adopt an efficient and risk-oriented approach. When performing an audit, we ensure that it is broadly focused and is not limited merely to interpreting the figures in an annual financial statements, but also takes account of factors such as the corporate environment and strategy, as well as core processes and selected key areas. We analyse the commercial activities, the financial situation and the internal control system (ICS), from which we derive the risks that could lead to material misstatements in the annual financial statements. These findings allow us to establish the focal points of the audit, whereupon we draw up an audit strategy and a detailed audit plan with you. This ensures that the auditing procedures are carried out efficiently and in a targeted manner. The results of the audit lead to a final assessment of the annual financial statements, a meeting with you to discuss the results of the audit and, lastly, thorough, meaningful reporting.

Constructive criticism in dialogue

No matter how good the findings, they are of little use if they are not communicated quickly, openly and clearly. That's where we come in. When a client feels that they and their company's needs are understood, they develop the trust necessary for open, critical and constructive dialogue to take place. This dialogue allows the company to acknowledge the scope for optimisation and quickly implement measures to implement this.