• Swiss GAAP ARR


Swiss GAAP ARR (Accounting and Reporting Regulations) (www.fer.ch) focus on the presentation of the financial statements of small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate groups operating at national level only. Other users include not-for-profit organisations and company pension schemes. Swiss GAAP ARR gives them the option of preparing meaningful financial statements that provide a true and fair view of their asset, financial and earnings situation and by doing so promotes communication with investors, banks and other interested parties.

Swiss GAAP ARR is structured in modules, with small organisations having the option of limiting their reporting to core ARR (framework concept and Swiss GAAP ARR 1 to 6). Other organisations are obliged to apply the entire standard.

Swiss GAAP ARR is the best solution for many small and medium-sized enterprises as it is subject to far more extensive regulation and to considerably fewer amendments than International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This has recently prompted various listed Swiss companies to decide to make the transition from IFRS to Swiss GAAP ARR.

Thanks to our many years' experience, BDO can provide you with the following assistance:

  • Support with the first-time introduction of ARR
  • Answers to any questions you have about the interpretation of the standard
  • Audits of your annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with ARR
  • Analyses of ARR as compared with IFRS, IFRS for SMEs or CO