• Evaluation Reports

Evaluation Reports

The compilation of an evaluation report requires analytical skill, expertise and objectivity on the part of the assessor. We entrust this important task to a select number of specialists who have the necessary experience and an ability to formulate the facts, considerations and conclusions accurately and in a readily comprehensible manner.

Evaluation reports may be required in a range of circumstances, including:

  • Operational evaluation reports and issues in the case of insurance claims (business interruptions, occupational disability, etc.)
  • Court and arbitrator's reports
  • Special audits
  • Consultancy activities
  • Accounting procedures (Swiss Code of Obligations, accounting standards)
  • Issues related to economic criminality and evaluating economic crime: 
    embezzlement, misappropriation, bribery
  • Questions relating to over-indebtedness (time of occurrence, debt level, extent)
  • Interpretation of contractual provisions in company law
  • Valuations (company, assets, etc.)
  • Fair value evaluation reports or reviews and fairness opinions
  • Financial consultancy

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