• Financial Services – Advisory

Financial Services – Advisory

From new regulatory requirements and digital advancements to increasing complexity in banking and financial services: The financial sector faces numerous challenges. Instead of viewing these challenges as a burden, we are focused on the opportunities that emerge as a result therefrom. In close collaboration, we will develop effective strategies and solutions with you, tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Due to our unique industry knowledge, our in-depth expertise as well as closely monitoring regulatory and technological developments, BDO Financial Services is able to offer comprehensive, interdisciplinary advisory services. While developing solutions for a financial institution, we consider all relevant factors, such as strategy, organization, processes as well as human resources and IT infrastructure.

BDO Financial Services offers a broad range of advisory services for the following client segments:

  • Banks and securities dealers
  • Collective investment schemes
  • Independent asset managers
  • Asset managers in the meaning of CISA
  • Insurance companies
  • Fintech firms
  • Casinos
  • Companies governed by Liechtensteinian law
  • Other financial intermediaries

With BDO offices locations throughout Switzerland and in over 160 countries, we are able to ensure customer-focused and responsive services, both nationally and internationally.