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Abacus Financial Accounting is one of the most widely used accounting software in Switzerland. Map complex business organisations and thus maintain clarity. Thanks to shared data from the other Abacus modules, you can achieve a high degree of automation.

Cost accounting offers industry-specific solutions for the internal control of cost centers and cost units. The data is automatically compiled from the various modules. There is no need for tedious assembly. Book various foreign currencies and now also cryptocurrencies.

  • Control over open items, creditworthiness of your customers and a clear dunning process
  • Digital processing of vendor documents, efficient approval process, new suppliers are stored in the master data
  • By means of an integrated financial plan, you can create your multi-year planning including various scenarios.

By means of asset accounting, you create transparency about your fixed assets. This allows you to keep an eye on changes in the value of your financial assets, intangible assets or property, plant and equipment at all times.

  • Accounting standards such as Swiss GAAP FER / IFRS
  • Thanks to integration into other modules, you can work with up-to-date data at any time
  • Flexible depreciation rules
  • Audit-compliant presentation of fixed assets and depreciation

Handle your financial transactions with different financial institutions securely and centrally with Abacus E-Banking and thus optimise your payment transactions. Authorise your employees individually and set up automated processes for payment approval.

  • Secure settlement of your financial transactions with various institutions in the financial sector
  • All major Swiss financial institutions are supported
  • Setup wizard for creating new connections

Small effort, big effect: Visa control with digitised receipts Due to location- and time-independent forms of work, it is becoming increasingly complex for companies to process paper documents and view them manually. Valuable time and resources are lost as a result. A switch to the digital processing of receipts is becoming more and more indispensable. 

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