Bild Alexander Weigel

Alexander Weigel

Head of Tax and Legal, Basel


Alexander Weigel is Head of Tax & Legal for the Basel region. He and his team serve legal entities as well as individuals in the national and international environment. In addition to classic tax services in the areas of profit and capital taxes, income and wealth taxes, stamp duties and withholding tax, value added tax as well as real estate gains and change of ownership taxes, legal consulting services are also provided in order to be able to serve clients comprehensively. Due to his many years of working for a Big4 company, he also has extensive expertise in the international arena.

Due to his educational background as a fiduciary, he also has profound accounting knowledge and can therefore provide his clients with optimal advice. Alexander Weigel joined BDO in 2019. He is a certified tax expert and a fiduciary with a federal certificate.