F.G. Pfister Holding AG acquires Alder + Eisenhut AG.

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BDO.LiveSite.Deals.ClientNameF.G. Pfister Holding AG

The BDO Corporate Finance team advised F.G. Pfister Holding AG on the acquisition process of Alder + Eisenhut AG. As part of this process, BDO carried out the financial, tax and legal due diligence.

F.G. Pfister Holding AG is headquartered in Suhr (AG). In the spirit of the F.G. Pfister Foundation, the stock corporation pursues the goal of sustainably strengthening and promoting the Swiss economic and living environment and creating jobs. The long-term strategy is designed to invest in Swiss companies with a sustainable business model from various industries and segments.

Alder + Eisenhut AG was founded 132 years ago. The company specializes in gym equipment, the production of sports equipment and stage construction. It also advises architects, municipalities and associations on the conception and implementation of projects.

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