Recruitment process

Recruitment process

It’s important to us that you can put your skills to good use and develop in an environment that’s right for you. During the recruitment process, we don’t just look for technical qualifications - we look for the right “chemistry”.

Your application will be reviewed by our business and HR specialists. If we have a good first impression, we’ll invite you to meet us in person. If both parties are still interested in working together after that, we’ll arrange a second interview. Depending on the role we are filling, we may also ask you to take tests, personality analyses or assessments.

When should I apply?

There's no “right time” to apply. Our training system (on-the-job learning, company-specific seminars and higher education courses alongside your work) enables you to join us at any stage. However, we do recommend getting in touch with us six months before you are due to complete your current training or education programme.

What should my application include?

We look forward to receiving your application with the following documents:

  • Cover letter detailing your motivation for applying to BDO
  • Your CV in table format, with a photo
  • Copies of your certificates (qualifications, degree or school leaving certificates)
  • Employer reference letters and confirmation of internships or experience abroad

How do I apply?

Our online tool is an easy way to apply and upload all your supporting application documents.

We believe that excellent client service rests on having motivated and satisfied people, so we strive to ensure a good fit for our employees. As it’s so important to feel comfortable at work, we like to meet candidates personally. What drives you? What experience do you have? And what strengths would you contribute to BDO? We look forward to your application!