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BDO, a competent software partner

BDO has been a successful software partner since 1989. We have a wealth of specialist consulting experience and provide companies with support for the implementation and maintenance of Abacus software. Our professionalism and in-depth expertise guarantee high quality and the ability to focus our services perfectly for the benefit of our clients. 

For many years, BDO has been ranked in the highest category of the Partnership Program. An in-depth knowledge of the entire Abacus product range and the provision of a permanent hotline and staff specialising in operating systems and networks are the minimum requirements for being an Abacus software partner with this quality grade.

Thanks to our many years of experience providing consulting services to public administrations and public utility companies, BDO has built up considerable expertise in these areas. Since April 2009 BDO has been a NEST/IS-E distribution partner, thus expanding its service offering for municipalities and power stations to provide an all-round consultancy service.

NEST is the leading provider of software for cantons, cities, municipalities and power stations. Their solution is already in use in over 350 municipalities.

IS-E is a cutting-edge information system for the energy industry, developed in close collaboration with Swiss energy providers. More than 380 power stations have chosen to use IS-E, and over 1.9 million meters are billed using IS-E.