• Annual report 2016


Uninterrupted growth

Growth in all areas. Interview with Werner Schiesser, CEO BDO.
BDO’s revenue has been on an upward trajectory for more than ten years, increasing by CHF 8.6 million (4.6 percent) in the year under review. A pleasing result, particularly given the challenges faced.

2016 results

«Growth in all areas.»

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Income from services and fees

million Swiss francs.

Evident growth in revenue

Facts & Figures


«Consulting is becoming more digital – but remains personal.»


The most extensive office network

Our locations

Client proximity as a success factor

locations in Switzerland.

Revenue by service division

Facts & Figures

Solid client base

«21,900 clients successfully used our services in 2016.»

Internationally well connected

national member firms.

Economic environment

«Our clients operate in a dynamic environment. BDO offers the stability they need.»