• Audits For Specific Legislation

Audits for Specific Legislation

The security of capital contributions and the protection of creditors are regarded as central pillars of the Swiss financial system. As consultants, we are fully conversant with the regulations on capital contributions and restructuring models and can assist you with your transactions in this regard. Our interdisciplinary teams (comprised of business administrators, as well as legal and tax specialists) outline your investment options and the advantages and disadvantages of each particular course.

In our role as auditors, we examine your capital transaction to ensure that it complies with the relevant legislation and any other applicable standards imposed by regulators (e.g. SWX) and to ensure that you receive the necessary registration. BDO is familiar with:

Foundation and capital increase audits for:

  • Non-cash capital contributions
  • (Intended) acquisition of assets upon foundation
  • Offset contributions
  • Founder benefits
  • Conditional capital increases

Merger law

  • Mergers
  • Spin-offs
  • Reorganisations
  • Asset transfers

Capital reduction audit

  • Capital reduction with release of funds
  • Capital reduction without release of funds (generally in conjunction with a restructuring)