• BDO maintains pole position for M&A services

BDO maintains pole position for M&A services

01 February 2017

BDO is once again Swizerland’s most successful M&A service provider amongst financial advisors operating in the field of mergers & acquisitions, corporate transactions and succession planning. This is confirmed by statistics for 2016 published by business and finance information companies Thomson Reuters and Experian.

The two agencies show BDO coming top for transaction volumes amongst small and medium-sized businesses. But that’s not all: BDO is also no. 1 in Switzerland amongst companies posting up to USD 500 million. These include companies quoted on the stock market. “This underscores the strength of our position as a key partner for SME succession planning as well as for large company brokerage and cross-border transactions,” says Marek Franke, partner and head of M&A at BDO. Of the 250 transactions identified by Thomson Reuters as valued at up to USD 500 million and overseen by financial advisors, some 10 percent were transacted by BDO’s M&A specialists.


Commenting on the leading ranking, Marek Franke says: Confidentiality, discretion, topicality and professionalism are the hallmarks of our service when it comes to our transaction business. Information and networking represent the key success factors.” BDO’s in-house M&A database continuously logs and tracks up-to-the-minute information on local, national and international sales and purchase opportunities.


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