• BDO expands international market position

BDO expands international market position

21 September 2016

In Switzerland, BDO is the main alternative to the Big Four audit and consulting firms. It is also working on enhancing its position as that internationally. In Austria and Italy, it took on 115 staff from its direct competitor Grant Thornton in late 2015 and early 2016.

BDO Austria now has a headcount of 540, while BDO Italy's is now 700. BDO's mass recruitment has enabled it to gain many new corporate clients in both countries. In the course of 2015, 100 new staff joined BDO France, taking its headcount to 900; some of this increase was attributable to the development of a presence in the south of the country. BDO Germany added to the range of services it offers, notably in legal advice and restructuring, while BDO increased its market share in both Greece and Kazakhstan by taking over companies from Baker Tilly, also a direct competitor.

BDO also enjoyed substantial growth in America and Asia. What was most impressive was that, in the USA, BDO achieved more than USD 1.1 billion in revenue in 2015, up from USD 866 million in the preceding year.

The first alternative for big companies, too

In Switzerland, too, BDO has enjoyed strong growth, from 850 employees in 2013 to 950 in 2015. During the same period, the number of branches rose to 33. By purposefully expanding financial services and offering new ones including Risk Advisory, support for clients' staff when posted abroad and IT security management, BDO achieved its aim of extending the range of services it offers to middle-market companies. "We offer medium-sized and large companies all the services of an audit and consulting firm with worldwide operations", says Werner Schiesser, CEO of BDO Switzerland and Chairman of BDO's International Council. "They see us as the number one alternative to the Big Four."

Network of the year

BDO has a presence in 154 countries, with 65,000 employees working in 1,400 branches. Its total annual revenue amounts to more than USD 7 billion. In 2015, it received the prestigious "Network of the Year" award from the International Accounting Bulletin.


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