• Global Opportunities for Relocation 2018

Global Opportunities for Relocation 2018

23 January 2019

Original content provided by BDO United Kingdom

The study on global tax systems published by BDO Global helps wealthy private individuals and entrepreneurs in their decision to change domiciles.


Around the world, legal and regulatory changes are increasing the flow of people and investments across national borders. People move for many reasons – climate, education, lifestyle and business opportunities – and various countries appeal to different needs. However, there is always a common thread – taxes.

The “BDO Global Opportunities for Relocation Report 2018” provides an overview of the tax systems in more than 40 countries, including Switzerland. In the report, our global tax experts discuss the tax environment and provide insight into political and economic aspects.  The report is available in interactive PDF format and as a printable version.


Download the interactive report here

Click here for the printable version.


The report reveals that many countries, including Switzerland, are attractive to newcomers despite differing tax systems. It distinguishes among five main types of tax systems: low/no taxes, "remittance basis", attractive to newcomers, flat-rate taxation and other systems. These tax systems can be examined in detail on the interactive map.



The following video also provides an overview of how the regional managers in the Global Private Client Services Group of BDO view the trends and factors in America, Asia-Pacific and Europe and summarises the key findings of the report.



Many countries offer attractive living conditions and can be advantageous for someone for a number of reasons. Wealthy individuals often reside in more than one country, either as dual citizens or with international family and business interests. This can easily give rise to complexities, making it essential to obtain professional advice.