• Diversity and networking

Diversity and networking

Diversity opens up new perspectives

Fairness and openness are core values ​​at BDO, and mutual respect and equality shape our daily work. This allows for diversity among employees, for diversity in approach is a key factor in solving problems. A good mix of individuals from different backgrounds, of all ages and of both sexes is crucial. It has been demonstrated, for example, that women and their - sometimes very different - experiences, approaches and perspectives can generate significant benefits when tackling challenges creatively and successfully. As around 47 percent of our total workforce is female, both we and our clients already benefit greatly from this broader perspective. However, we aim to bring about a sustained increase in the numbers of women in senior management positions.  Initial successes have already been achieved, but we are particularly encouraged if female applicants are interested in career opportunities at BDO.

An international network of experience

Since we are convinced that employees with international experience are best placed to meet the needs of internationally-oriented clients, we use our BDO network, one of the world's leading associations of independent auditing and consulting firms in more than 150 countries, as an ideal platform. We send our employees on targeted, extended foreign assignments. Our specialists from the most diverse technical areas regularly attend conferences within the network, to enable the exchange of knowledge across international borders and the development of personal relationships.