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Digitalisation has changed the way people communicate and collaborate. It means they need efficient processes combined with targeted, personal advice.


Client Portal

BDO launched a digital client platform in 2019. The BDO Client Portal safeguards secure data transfer between the client and BDO. More than 23,000 BDO clients benefit from being able to exchange documents and information electronically – and they do so easily, around the clock and with the highest level of security. Introducing the Client Portal has significantly changed the way we work - and interact - with our clients. Processes are more efficient on both sides, and personal exchange takes place in a more targeted and valuable way. This way of working together has really come into its own during the coronavirus crisis.


Lisa, Nina and a new CRM tool

While certain economic players are ignoring digitalisation, others are investing heavily in new possibilities and ways to collaborate. Leading the field is a new generation of bookkeeping systems like Xero, Bexio, AbaNinja or Klara, which are increasingly also connected to banking systems. Business and audit processes are also being automated to a greater extent, leaving more time for personal advice as machines take care of repetitive tasks.

BDO relies on the support of its digital audit assistant Lisa, used mainly in limited statutory examinations. Tasks include running through questions with audit clients before the audit takes place and obtaining information and documents. This year, Lisa has also been deployed as digital assistant in the Client Portal. The chatbot Nina, on the other hand, mainly advises start-ups, especially on their administrative issues. If the bot doesn’t have a suitable response, the system forwards the enquiry to a BDO expert.

In the current year BDO is also launching an overarching new CRM system that brings together all of our digital tools. This will once again transform the way we work. We’ll be even better placed to respond to clients’ needs and make processes more efficient.


Human Resources

As of the beginning of 2019, all BDO people benefit from an annualised hours model, which affords them greater flexibility and empowers them to strike a healthy work-life balance.

The shortage of specialist talent on the labour market is an issue that affects BDO. There is a particularly large number of vacancies for roles requiring a Federal Vocational Diploma (Fachausweis/brevet fédéral). That's why BDO is focusing more on qualified individuals seeking to move sideways into our business. Starting this autumn, we’re offering an 18-month BDO internship aimed at school leavers or individuals who have completed a commercial apprenticeship outside the fiduciary field. The internship is designed to convey skills in business solutions, audit and tax services. At the end of the 18 months, participants have the option to train in one of these areas and gain a Federal Vocational Diploma or even Certified Expert qualification.

BDO and our clients

In 2019, BDO was able to win many new, long-term engagements, in Internal Audit in particular. We are especially proud of the fact that our average client relationship still lasts over 20 years. This key indicator further underlines the fact that BDO is the first choice in terms of trust, service and quality.


Werner Schiesser
CEO BDO Switzerland