• Milestones 2016


BDO is changing the way it provides services. At the same time, it is redefining quality. But people continue to be its most important asset.​

BDO provides comprehensive client services in all areas of company administration. These services include incorporation, financing, bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, tax accounting and real estate management. In the event of illness, BDO’s specialists deputise in areas such as bookkeeping. Many of these services have remained the same for years with respect to both form and function. What has changed is the way the services are ordered and offered.

Faster, cheaper, digital

Nowadays a business can be established quickly and easily online. Software-as-a-service solutions are available for bookkeeping. Digital analysis tools are increasingly being used for auditing. These allow auditors to analyse large volumes of data in detail, and quickly draw conclusions. In many European countries, digital account submission is now a reality. Sooner or later it will also be introduced to Switzerland.

BDO offers its clients a choice of staying with the traditional forms of support or moving to new systems. BDO is committed to expanding its digital client portal on an ongoing basis. And BDO is investing in new auditing software featuring the most up-to-date programs worldwide and the best possible testing reliability. BDO is also developing an information and consulting platform for start-ups, called HelloNina.

People as the most important asset

Given all these innovations, BDO places great value on two constants: quality and personal relationships.

Annual financial statements, an auditor’s report or a valuation by BDO must meet the most stringent of requirements. For this reason, the focus is on long-term personnel continuity in client support, and continuous training and development for employees. The existing high level of client satisfaction can only be maintained with work that is consistently of an extremely high standard. This high standard of work is what sets BDO apart and is the foundation for the high level of loyalty among clients.

The second constant is the personal relationship between the client and its partner. Personal, direct contact is critical even in this age of digitisation. Thanks to a closely interlinked network of locations, BDO maintains real client proximity and is familiar with local factors.